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Grumpy old

👴 He’s old and he’s grumpy, but he’s got a good heart. He might call you a little shit from time to time and shake his cane at you, but don’t mind him, he’s just tired of all the kids on his lawn.

The marketing wallet has 5% tokens which is accumulating BTCB rewards. That will be the charity money.

Rewards in BTC

Hold and earn Bitcoin

Strong community

Community with diamond hands

Based Devs

We are a transparent work team

About the token

A token with a sense of humor

👴$GOB is a Bitcoin Rewards Token on the Binance Smart Chain, backed by a charitable aspect that aims to make a positive impact on the lives of the elderly dealing with age related physical and mental health issues.

👴We are also looking to provide humor to BSC by way of an interactive lighthearted community and of course, memes.

No reasons to FUD

👴GOB doesn’t like lazy little shits! He needs YOU to spread the word about $GOB to everyone you know (ESPECIALLY YOUR GRANNY) 😉 so he can use the community to fuel his donations to his friends in need.

👴Community is 🔑 in every project and we look forward to having you here (unless you’re a cheeky, fudding little shit 🤬)


Know reasons to buy the token

🔒 Locked liquidity

Liquidity is locked, which gives great security to the project

🤝 Marketing connections

We have a marketing plan to have an organic growth

💡 Smart Grumpnomics

Tokenomics are designed so that the project has a long life


💰Buy and sell Taxes
5% BTC Rewards
5% Marketing
2% Liquidity

Total supply: 1,000,000 





Community memes

Laugh a while while you hold

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