Grumpy Old Bastard is brought to the Crypto space by a team of highly dedicated individuals whose main focus is providing a fun and safe environment while collaborating with their community to offer some good will to those often forgotten by society, the elderly. At its core, GOB is a meme coin. Fun, interactive, intelligent and unique. It’s humorous undertone and comedic content allow holders and community members to interact in a fun and refreshing way, offering some much-needed levity in a space that is filled with stories of investors being left behind while teams and/or impatient traders make out with their money. Here at GOB, we’ve laid our groundwork a little different than most to avoid becoming another one of those stories. 


Our founder is well known in this space and while this is his first project, he already has massive support from those around him who know his intentions. He has gathered a collective of highly creative and hardworking people to join him on the Grumpy team and to be the earliest investors in his project. In doing this, he has paved a foundation that is safe, and pure in intent. The early community growth and support is a reflection of the atmosphere the GOB team is providing. 


The GOB token offers 5% BTC rewards through transaction tax, rewarding all holders of the token as trading volume takes place. On top of this 5% rewards tax, an additional 5% is directed to the marketing wallet, and another 2% to the Liquidity Pool. The Marketing wallet is currently holding 5% of the tokens and is accumulating Bitcoin rewards for every buy/sell transaction. These will be used for our Charity for Senior Citizens in various ways which will be decided by our community.


Soon we will start to release our NFT collection which we are looking forward to showing the community. We will also be looking to release a Mario Cart style game where instead of your normal P2E games, we will have tournaments where participants can pay a fee using there tokens and the winner will take all. This will make the earning capacity of our game much greater, so you don’t need to play it 24 hours a day just to make a little bit of money.

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